Current Reopening Status: Stage 2

What do you want to do the most,
when we’re back to a healthy community again?

Many people want many different things, but the one most important thing you can do to help get us there is WEAR A MASK.

Restaurants Are Reopening. Rock The Rebound!

Businesses Are Reopening Safely. Here's How.

Keep Up The Great Work. Lower That Curve!

Places of Worship. Guidelines will Keep You Safe!

  • Diamond in the Rough Salon
    Going above & beyond Rocking the Rebound!
  • The Red Lion Hotels
    Rocking the Rebound!
  • Christensen Orthodontics
    Rocking the Rebound with Perfect Teeth!
  • Kodiak Coffee
    Open and Rocking the Rebound!
  • ArtBeat
    Todd Rocking the Rebound!
  • Jollymores
    Aaron Jollymore Rocking the Rebound!
  • Clearwater River Casino
    Checking temps!
  • Nez Perce Express
    Rocking the Rebound!
  • Camp Cabin & Home
    Rocking the Rebound!
  • Grocery Outlet
    Rocking the Rebound!
  • Rogers Toyota
    Rocking the Rebound!
  • Nationserve
    Serving the Community by Rocking the Rebound!
  • The Home Depot
    Essential and Rocking the Rebound!
  • Grocery Outlet Customer
    Awarded a gift certificate for wearing a cloth face covering and helping our community!
  • All Saints
    Awarded a "We Rock" Poster for modifying their services to comply with guidelines!
  • Customer
    Received a Gift Card for Rocking the Rebound!
  • URM Employee
    Rocking the Rebound at Work!
  • Maximum Image on Bryden
    Rocking the Rebound With Glass Partitions!
  • Imua Hawaiian Style Restaurant
    They are Rocking the Rebound!
  • Stitches to Britches / STB Boutique
    They are Rocking the Rebound!
    They are Rocking the Rebound!
  • Geoff and Kelsey Eldridge
    Knox Concrete
  • Rosauers Customers
    Receiving gift certificate to say "Thank You," for helping our community reopen safely.

Doing it Right!

Reopening Plans:

Nez Perce County / City of Lewiston


Stage 1 - 4

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Need extra help while navigating the reopening standards?
Director of Lab Services,
Dr. Cory A. Gall, PhD
[email protected]
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